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Civic Learning Awards

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Applications are now available for the 2023 Civic Learning Awards. The awards recognize and celebrate public schools K-12 who demonstrate a commitment to providing rich civic learning opportunities for students. 

The awards are part of a statewide collaborative effort aimed at revitalizing civic education for all California students. The program is coordinated by the Power of Democracy Civic Learning Initiative, a body of state and federal jurists, members of the State Bar, educators, and students appointed by the Chief Justice.

The Civic Learning Awards were first presented in 2012 and have recognized more than 400 public schools of all grade levels across California.

All public schools in California are encouraged on apply.

About the Awards
The Chief Justice of California and State Superintendent of Public Instruction co-sponsor the Civic Learning Awards for California public schools. The award identifies replicable high-quality models and practices, and recognizes schools’ civic learning efforts. To apply, schools describe how they incorporate the six research-based proven practices in civic learning, as outlined in the Guardians of Democracy Report. Emphasis is placed on the depth and breadth of their efforts, and most award-winning schools require their entire student body receive at least one high-quality civic education experience during the school year.


On April 17, these empty spaces will be filled with one school at each level. Apply today and it could be your school! 

  Elementary School Middle School High School

Important Dates:

March 31, 2023: Applications due by 10 p.m.

April 17, 2023: Announcement of Awards at 1 p.m.

April-June: Visits to Merit and Distinction Awardees (with option to host presentation during Constitution Month in September)

September (Constitution Month) Award of Excellence visits by Chief Justice