Who scores the awards?

Each year, the applications are scored by a panel of approximately 12 judicial officers, educators, and civic learning experts. Most panelists are members of the Judicial Branch's Power of Democracy Civic Learning Initiative.

Every application is read and scored by no fewer than three judges, with an average score calculated and assigned. Applications scoring the highest are then reviewed by the entire panel. In cases where there is a tie, weight is applied to those schools who best demonstrate how they:

  • overcome obstacles (campaign for policy change at the district level, i.e. lobbying for changes to the LCAP)
  • involve students in campus leadership and decision-making that impacts campus life
  • engage students in their community
  • promote democracy and the three branches of government
  • take advantage of programs like Judges in the Classroom to promote an understanding of the judicial branch; and or
  • develop tracks for students to work towards the State Seal of Civic Engagement.

Also remember, if your school is tied with another, an easy way to make sure you pull ahead is by inviting a judge to your classroom today! http://www.judgesintheclassroom.org