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Committee to Consider New Priority List for Courthouse Construction Projects

The committee will also consider adjustments made to the scoring process and criteria considered.
Sep 27, 2019

What: The Judicial Council’s Court Facilities Advisory Committee will consider an updated report that includes a priority list (starts on page 65 of the report) for new courthouse construction projects statewide. The report also details adjustments made to the scoring process and criteria considered.

Before considering the report at its October 1 meeting, the committee posted the draft report for public comment. If approved, the committee will submit the final report to the council for consideration at its November meeting. The council expects to submit the report to the Legislature by the end of December.

When: Tuesday, October 1, 10a.m. – 2p.m.

Where: Judicial Council Boardroom, 3rd floor, Ronald M. George State Office Building, 455 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco

(NOTE: A link to a live webcast of the meeting will be available on the Court Facilities Advisory Committee webpage.)

Why: Before the Legislature will allocate any further funding for new courthouse construction, the Judicial Council must reassess its priority list for new projects. With local courts, a working group from the council’s Court Facilities Advisory Committee and its staff reviewed hundreds of court facilities throughout the state. The process included a lengthy self-assessment by each superior court of their operations and the potential implications of new courthouse construction.

For more information, see California Courthouse Construction, Explained on the California Courts Newsroom.


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