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Fast Facts

Population served: more than 39 million—12 percent of the United States population

  • Total trial court system filings: 6.8 million cases in fiscal year 2014–2015
  • Court levels: Two—trial and appellate
  • Trial courts: 58—one in each county
  • Court of Appeal districts: 6 in 9 locations
  • Highest court: California Supreme Court
  • Judicial branch budget is 1.3% of State General Fund

Jury Service

  • Jury pay: $15/day starting with second day of service and 34 cents per mile, one way
  • Number of Californians summoned to jury service in fiscal year 2013–14: 7,491,051*
  • Number of Californians summoned to jury service who completed service in fiscal year 2013–14: 2,639,365*
  • Number of Californians sworn in to serve as jurors in fiscal year 2013–14: 133,506*

* Numbers are based on 53 of the 58 (91%) superior courts reporting


Language Access

  • Languages and dialects spoken in California—more than 250
  • Percentage of Californians that speak a non-English language at home: 44%
  • Percentage of Californians with English-language limitations: approximately 19% (more than 7 million)
  • Languages certified for court interpreters: 16 - Arabic, Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian, Cantonese, Farsi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and American Sign Language 
  • Total number of court interpreter service days provided in the California courts from July 2009 to June 2013: More than 1,000,000
  • Percent of interpreter services provided in Spanish: 72

Family and Juvenile

  • Family: filings for dissolution, legal separation and nullity of marriage: 138,121
  • Family: filings for child support, domestic violence and other: 242,039
  • Juvenile delinquency filings: 40,726
  • Juvenile dependency filings: 44,679

California Supreme Court

  • Justices: 1 Chief Justice, 6 Associate Justices
  • Filings: 7,868
  • 76 written opinions
Supreme Court of California
Official photo (2016) 

Courts of Appeal

  • Justices: 105 (authorized positions)
  • Filings: 20,661
  • Dispositions: 22,084

Superior Courts (trial courts)

  • 1,714 judicial officers (authorized positions) (assessed need = 1,903)
  • Filings: 6,832,710
  • Dispositions: 6,342,662

Judicial Council

  • Created by constitutional amendment, the council is the policymaking body for California’s state court system
  • The 21 voting members include the Chief Justice, 14 judicial officers, 4 attorneys, and 1 member from each house of the Legislature
  • The council also has advisory members who include court executives or administrators
  • The council carries out much of its work through the hundreds of volunteers on its committees and task forces
  • Staff to the council serve the courts, justice partners, and the public with a variety of programs and services

Administrative Director Martin Hoshino Speaks to the Council about Judicial Fellowship Program

For more than two decades, the Council has offered the Judicial Fellowship Program to graduate students. In his report to council, Administrative Director Martin Hoshino discusses the benefits of this unique program to council members and staff.

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