Flexible Jury Duty

California courts are making jury service more convenient for jurors by working around their schedules when possible.
May 8, 2017

In an effort to make jury service more convenient, many California courts allow people to:

  • Request a postponement to a more convenient date
  • Contact the court to ask if they can complete their jury service before their reporting date
  • Show up during a window of time before and/or after your reporting date with no advanced notice necessary (walk-in jury service)

Some superior courts even allow summoned jurors to report to any of their courthouses, as long as those locations host jury trials.

Comments Received from Actual Jurors

"Thank you for allowing me to choose a specific date."

"You make jury service the best possible experience."

"I felt valued by the staff."

For questions about a jury summons or reporting dates and locations, contact your local court to see what options are available in your jurisdiction.