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Opinion: Fixing the unfair bail system is worth the costs

September 09, 2017 | NewsLinks
The bail system in place across most of America’s states and localities is patently unfair on its face, penalizing poor (and disproportionately minority) defendants who cannot afford to pay their way out of jail while rewarding others with the means to win their freedom as they await trial.

Opinion: Marin Voice: Marin at the forefront of fair bail policies

September 06, 2017 | NewsLinks
The authors of the recent Marin Voice op-eds, “Bail reform for equal treatment for all” and “Look before you leap on bail reform bill,” discussed how a proposed bail reform bill (SB 10) would affect California at large, but ignored the strides Marin County has made toward a progressive and safe approach to bail.

Post Bail

August 22, 2017 | NewsLinks
America’s justice system runs on the exchange of money for freedom. Some say that’s unfair. But can data fix it?

New Jersey Is Front Line in a National Battle Over Bail

August 21, 2017 | NewsLinks
Less than a year after New Jersey established a sweeping new law that all but eliminated cash bail, the state has found itself facing a challenge familiar to others that have overhauled their bail systems: an energetic legal attack from the bail industry.
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Showing 110 of 42 Items

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