News Release

Judicial Council Reports on Ability-to-Pay Tool, Judicial Education, Court Caseloads

The council’s March 15 business meeting will be held remotely
Mar 8, 2024

VIA WEB CONFERENCE—The Judicial Council at its March 15 business meeting will review and consider several reports and recommendations, including:

Online Ability-to-Pay Determinations: The council will receive a report on its MyCitations online tool, which allows low-income individuals with infraction violations to request a reduction in their fines and fees without going to the courthouse. Users can also request a payment plan, more time to pay, or community service.

Funding for Judicial Education: The council will consider a recommendation to fund additional orientations and training programs for newly appointed judges due to the increased number of judicial appointments in recent months.

Trial Court Operational Metrics: The council will receive a legislatively mandated report on trial court operations, which includes information on time to disposition and case clearance rates by case type, backlogs by case type, court hours of operations, staff vacancy rates, and court funding levels.

Other regular agenda items will include reports from the Chief Justice and the council’s Administrative Director.

The complete meeting agenda and council reports are posted to the California Courts Meeting Information Center. A link to a live webcast of the meeting will be available on the California Courts website and the California Courts Newsroom.