News Release

Judicial Council Considers Funding for Court Technology Projects

At its Sept. 25 meeting, the council will consider funding for technology initiatives, a report on remote appearances, a new requirement for anti-bias training, and more.
Sep 21, 2020

VIA WEB CONFERENCE—The Judicial Council at its Sept. 25 meeting will consider funding several statewide technology initiatives using $25 million included in the state budget to modernize court operations.

The proposal from the council’s Technology Committee recommends funding projects to help expand access to justice during the COVID-19 pandemic—focusing on remote appearances, digitizing documents and evidence, mobile access, and virtual customer service centers.

If approved, the recommendation would also direct the committee to report back to the council on each project’s progress.

Other items on the council meeting agenda include:

Remote Video Appearances for Court Proceedings: The council will hear a report on remote appearances for most noncriminal court proceedings, which includes initial policy recommendations and resources for courts to consider as they introduce or expand remote appearances.

Mandatory Anti-Bias and Discrimination Education for Judges: The council will consider a proposal to require training for judicial officers on unconscious bias and preventing discrimination and harassment. While elements of these topics are already part of mandatory training, the proposal would extend the range of offerings required.

Protecting Interests of Minors and Persons with Disabilities: The council will consider a recommendation to revise court forms used in proceedings to approve the compromise of a claim or action, or the disposition of the proceeds of a judgment for a minor or person with a disability. The changes would increase access for these vulnerable individuals, protect their interests, and expedite the secure distribution of settlements and judgments entered in their favor.

The complete meeting agenda and council reports are posted to the California Courts Meeting Information Center. A link to a live webcast of the meeting will be on the California Courts website on the day of the meeting.