Counsel speaking to jurist during a collaborative justice court session in foreground, judge sitting on bench in background.


California's Collaborative Justice Courts

Did you know that California was one of the first states to establish a collaborative court in the U.S.?
Jul 14, 2017

California is home to more than 400 collaborative justice courts, or problem-solving courts, which offer treatment-based services in lieu of incarceration to people who’ve committed criminal offenses. Examples of collaborative justice courts include drug courts, DUI courts, homeless courts, reentry courts, and veterans courts. 56 of the 58 California counties have at least one collaborative court. There are also juvenile collaborative courts focused on issues like dating violence and mental health, as well as peer/youth courts.

California established its first collaborative court in 1991 and since then, the number of the rehabilitation-focused courts have grown exponentially, improving judicial system outcomes and communities by addressing underlying problems such as mental health and substance use disorders.