banner reading "Juror Appreciation Week" hung over entrance to Kern Superior Court


California Courts Celebrate Jurors

On May 13-17, courts shined a spotlight on these citizens that help bolster our democracy by making the cherished right of trial by jury a reality
May 21, 2024

In 1998, the California Legislature designated the second full week in May as Juror Appreciation Week to honor the sacrifices and contributions of citizens who uphold the right of trial by jury and to raise awareness about their contribution to the court system.

“The very existence of juries and jury trials provides all of us one of the basic guarantees of access to impartial justice spelled out in our Constitution, our right to a trial where one can be heard and judged by their peers,” said Orange County Presiding Judge Maria Hernandez. “We deeply appreciate the sacrifices and contributions jurors make to our justice system.”

During Juror Appreciation Week, many courts make an extra effort to recognize those fulfilling their jury service, such as:


Making the Jury System Better for Jurors
In addition to Juror Appreciation Week, the California courts show their appreciation for jurors all year round. See some recent statewide initiatives to improve jury service in California.


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