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Oral Argument
Tuesday October 05, 2021
10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Supreme Court Oral Arguments for October 5, 2021

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(1) Hill RHF Housing Partners, L.P., et al. v. City of Los Angeles et al., S263734
View Argument | Opinion filed 12/20/21

The court limited review to the following issues: (1) In order to bring a judicial action challenging the validity of an assessment imposed pursuant to article XIII D, section 4 of the California Constitution, must a property owner articulate at the public hearing on the proposed assessment the reason or reasons it alleges the assessment is invalid? (2) If so, should this rule apply only prospectively? 

(2)  Presbyterian Camp and Conference Centers, Inc. v. Superior Court of Santa Barbara County (Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, Real Party in Interest), S259850
View Argument | Opinion filed 12/27/21

Petition for review after the Court of Appeal denied a petition for peremptory writ of mandate. This case presents the following issue: Can a corporation be held liable under Health and Safety Code sections 13009 and 13009.1 for the costs of suppressing and investigating fires that its agents or employees negligently or illegally set, allowed to be set, or allowed to escape?

(3)  People v. Johnson (Michael Raymond), [Automatic Appeal], S070250
View Argument | Opinion filed 1/3/22

This matter is an automatic appeal from a judgment of death.

(4)  In re Mohammad (Mohammad) on Habeas Corpus, S259999
View Argument | Opinion filed 1/3/22

This case presents the following issue: Is a prisoner serving a sentence for a combination of violent and nonviolent felonies eligible for early parole consideration under the provisions of Proposition 57 following completion of the term for his or her primary offense?

(5)  People v. Wright (William Lee, Jr.), [Automatic Appeal], S107900
View Argument | Opinion filed 12/16/21

This matter is an automatic appeal from a judgment of death.