Supreme Court Oral Argument
Tuesday December 07, 2021
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Supreme Court Oral Argument for December 7, 2021

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(1) Berroteran (Raul II) v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County (Ford Motor Company, Real Party in Interest), S259522
This case presents the following issue: Does a party against whom former deposition testimony in a different case is sought to be admitted at trial under Evidence Code section 1291, subdivision (a)(2), have a similar interest and motive at both hearings to cross-examine a friendly witness?

(2)  Lopez (Marisol) v. Ledesma (Glenn) et al., S262487
This case includes the following issue: Was a physician’s assistant who treated a patient without direct physician supervision entitled to invoke the limitations of Civil Code section 3333.2 on noneconomic damages?

(3) Sheen (Kwang K.) v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., S258019
This case presents the following issue: Does a mortgage servicer owe a borrower a duty of care to refrain from making material misrepresentations about the status of a foreclosure sale following the borrower’s submission of, and the servicer’s agreement to review, an application to modify a mortgage loan?