Judicial Council Meeting
Friday May 13, 2022
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Judicial Council Meeting (action by circulating order)

The Judicial Council approved 16 proposals via circulating order that improve court operations and services for the public.

Agenda items on the circulating order were vetted by council advisory groups and publicly available for review and comment on the California Courts Meeting Information Center. Any public comments received go with circulating orders to council members for consideration.

Agenda items approved via the circulating order include:

Remote Video Proceedings for Traffic Infractions: The council repealed a rule of court adopted in 2013 that requires witnesses to testify at a designated public location when appearing remotely in traffic infraction cases. Newly enacted Penal Code section 1428.5 broadly authorizes remote appearances for infractions and does not have this restriction.

Court Interpreter Employee Incentive Grants: The council awarded grants to nine superior courts that applied for grant funds (covering one year of salary and training costs) to help establish new, full-time court interpreter employee positions and increase language access services for court users.

Trial Court Financial Policies and Procedures Manual: The council approved revisions to the manual, which provides a system of internal controls that help courts demonstrate accountability and monitor their use of public funds.