Event Monday August 03, 2020
10:00 am - 10:45 am

Information Technology Advisory Committee Meeting (open)

Item 1 Chair’s Report
Presenter: Hon. Sheila F. Hanson, Chair

Item 2 Judicial Council Technology Committee Update
Update on activities and news coming from this internal oversight committee.

Presenter: Hon. Kyle Brodie, Chair, Judicial Council Technology Committee

Item 3 Branch Budget Update
Receive an update on the branch budget and technology funding. Presenter: Mr. Zlatko Theodorovic, Director, Budget Services

Item 4 Input on potential Rule or Legislative proposals for next cycle - Discussion
Provide suggestions and input on potential topics for rule or legislative amendment proposals for the next rules cycle, in partnership with other advisory bodies. Presenter: Hon. Peter Siggins, Chair, Rules and Policy Subcommittee


Upcoming ITAC Meetings:
• September TBD (videoconference)
• October 2 (videoconference)
• December 7 (in person)