Newslinks for 10-1-18

Opinion: Judicial independence needs to be protected from both internal and external threats

September 27, 2018 | ABA Journal
Maintaining judicial impartiality and independence is no small task—it requires hard work and deliberate action. As O’Connor once observed: “Judicial independence does not just happen all by itself. It is tremendously hard to create, and easier than most people imagine to destroy.” But it is imperative to preserve and protect, because it is a cornerstone of the rule of law and our democracy.

ICE arrests at Fresno courthouse may stop behind new sanctuary law policies

September 29, 2018 | Fresno Bee
In the wake of recent arrests of undocumented immigrants at courthouses in Fresno and other locations, State Attorney General Xavier Becerra issued clarified details how law enforcement and other local agencies are expected to interact with federal immigration officials.

Longtime Orange County commissioner retiring

October 01, 2018 | Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Presiding Judge Charles Margines of the Orange County Superior Court said in an email Klar “helped many defendants turn their lives around and become law-abiding, productive members of our community. Indeed, it is a tribute to Ron that both prosecutors and defense counsel value his judicial skills so highly that they routinely stipulate to having him handle felony matters, including trials.”
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Governor signs bill to toughen retail theft penalties

October 01, 2018 | Daily Journal
(Subscription required) AB 1065 is intended to address theft rings law enforcement officials said have sprung up in the wake of Proposition 47, which passed in 2014. The Brown-backed voter initiative reduced thefts below $950 to a misdemeanor.

Judicial Profile: Los Angeles County Judge John Ing

October 01, 2018 | Daily Journal
(Subscription required) While every case comes with a recommendation from the probation department on what the minor’s disposition should be, Ing doesn’t rubber-stamp them, Rothenberg added. If Ing plans on deviating, he’ll invite the defense, prosecution and probation officer to his chambers for a collaborative discussion on what to do, he said.
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