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Newslinks for 1-02-18

California Supreme Court struggles as vacancy drags on

January 02, 2018 | San Francisco Chronicle
January will mark the fifth month of hearings in which Werdegar’s seat will be occupied by appeals court justices, selected in alphabetical order under a system the court adopted three decades ago.

Assemblyman attacks Supreme Court’s legitimacy

January 01, 2018 | At the Lectern
The latest attempt to de-legitimize the judiciary is an attack on the California Supreme Court by a member of the state Assembly. Last month, the court denied without comment a petition for review he filed, which is the fate of around 95 percent of such requests to have the court hear a case.

Prop. 57 swings pendulum from 'warehousing' to early parole

January 01, 2018 | San Diego Union-Tribune
“People who are sentenced to long terms are being released significantly earlier than they would have been" before Proposition 57, said David Greenberg, a chief deputy in the San Diego District Attorney’s Office.

Opinion: Replacing judicial discretion with automated formulas poses risk

January 01, 2018 | Orange County Register
Recent articles that have appeared in these pages in support of reforming our bail system fail to understand that the controversial choice to recommend California eliminate it and replace it with some algorithm-based computer pretrial system ignores inconvenient facts and heightens the risk to public safety.

Chief Justice Roberts says courts will examine protections against sexual harassment

December 31, 2017 | Washington Post
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. announced an initiative Sunday to ensure there are proper procedures in place to protect law clerks and other court employees from sexual harassment, saying it is clear that the federal judiciary “is not immune” from a widespread problem.
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Audio: Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye on Access 3D

Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye lays the foundation for reforms within the branch to make access to justice physical, remote, and equal. 

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