LOS ANGELES—The Court of Appeal for the Second Appellate District (Los Angeles) has announced its intention to destroy the following criminal, civil, and juvenile records in accordance with Rule 10.1 028(c)(2) of the California Rules of Court.

The records to be destroyed include criminal cases numbered up to B059999 with a final disposition prior to January 1, 1993 and civil and juvenile cases numbered up to B149999, with disposition date prior January 1, 2003.

Anyone who knows of a reason why any of the above cases should be retained, whether for historical or other reasons, should notify Joseph Lane, Clerk/Executive Officer. The reasons for retention should be in writing and received by the court by September 1, 2012 at the following address:

 Joseph Lane
 Clerk/Executive Officer
 Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District
 300 South Spring Street
 Second Floor, North Tower
 Los Angeles, California 90013