Opinion | Where I Stand: Addressing speculation about the new courthouse and its potential location

May 25, 2023

Following up on Judge Douglas Prouty’s “Where I Stand” column, published online on February 21st in Plumas News, I have heard a lot of speculation about the status of a new courthouse in Quincy.  I had hoped that Judge Prouty’s column might have helped reduce some of the public’s concerns, but I’ve been made aware of some pretty wild speculation in the past couple of weeks.  As a member of the Public Advisory Group (PAG) helping in the State Judicial Council’s search to site the new facility, I’d like to give an explanation of the process so far and talk about the reason the State is building a new courthouse in Quincy, why it needs to be as big as what you’ve heard it will be, and so on.  To do this, I’ll start with some of the many questions I have heard around town and read online.