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News Release

Court of Appeal Announces Destruction of Old Court Records

Feb 8, 2021

San Jose—The Court of Appeal, Sixth Appellate District, has announced its intention to destroy the following civil records, pursuant to Rule 10.1028(d) of the California Rules of Court.

All records in criminal cases (excluding those with published opinions) are preserved for at least 20 years, and all records in civil cases (excluding those with published opinions) are preserved for at least 10 years. The records transfer lists of the cases and files relating to this destruction of old court records are available on the court’s website:

List 119, List 120, List 126, List 128, List 129, List 137 and List 144

Anyone who knows of a reason why any of the records listed should be retained, whether for historical or other reasons, should notify Baltazar Vazquez, Assistant Clerk/Executive Officer. The reasons for retention should be in writing by February 22, 2021 to:

Baltazar Vazquez, Assistant Clerk/Executive Officer
Court of Appeal, Sixth Appellate District
333 W. Santa Clara Street, Suite 1060
San Jose, CA 95113
or e-mail to

Please note that records and case files for actions that result in a published opinion will be retained permanently by the California State Archives, 1020 “O” Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. The Reference Desk can be contacted at (916) 653-2246. Their website is