SAN DIEGO—At its public meeting on October 27–28 in San Diego, Judicial Council members will hear a report on the numbers of court filings, dispositions, and other workload statistics for California courts.

Published annually by the council, the Court Statistics Report contains fiscal year and 10-year trend data on a wide range of court business in the California Supreme Court, the Courts of Appeal, and the superior courts in the state’s 58 counties. Comprehensive county-level data for the most recent fiscal year are published in the online version of the report, along with a summary of the major filings trends, on the California Courts website.

This year’s report is scheduled to be released next week in conjunction with the council meeting.

Other items on the October 27-28 council meeting agenda include:

Judicial Workload Assessment: The council will consider a report for the legislature and the governor on the need for new judgeships. This report shows that nearly 190 new judicial officers are needed to meet the workload-based need for new judgeships. The council will also consider a proposed priority ranking for any new authorized and funded judgeships.

State-level Reserve Fund for Trial Courts: The council will consider an updated process for trial courts to apply for emergency funding from the newly established $10 million state-level reserve. The council is required to report to the Legislature and state Department of Finance by Oct. 1 of each year detailing all requests and allocations made for the preceding year.

Trust Funds Held on Behalf of Trial Courts: The council will consider requests for funds to be held on behalf of trial courts in Mendocino and Napa Counties so they can address significant expenditures that cannot be financed within their annual budgets.

Court Adoption and Permanency Month: The council will be asked to approve a resolution proclaiming November to be Court Adoption and Permanency Month. The annual resolution recognizes the efforts of California’s juvenile courts and their justice partners to provide children and families with access to fair, understandable judicial proceedings that lead to safe, stable, and permanent homes for youth in foster care.

The meeting agenda and council reports have been posted online, and a link to the live audiocast of the meeting will be on the California Courts website on the day of the meeting.

Note: The October 27-28 Judicial Council business meeting will take place at the Superior Court of San Diego County’s Hall of Justice, 330 W. Broadway, Rooms 363 A & B, San Diego, CA.