SAN FRANCISCO—At its public meeting on June 23–24, the Judicial Council will consider recommendations to establish a statewide e-filing plan for California trial courts. In a recent survey, 23 trial courts indicated they currently have some e-filing capacity.

The recommendations also call for establishing a master services agreement with vendors who would help courts receive e-filing transactions. The judicial branch would evaluate and select multiple approved vendors, which individual courts could choose to use.

Other items on the June 23–24 council meeting agenda include:

Language Access in the Courts: The council will consider recommendations on the translation of forms, written materials, and audiovisual tools; training materials for judges and court staff on language access policies and procedures; and a pilot project to determine where and how video remote interpreting can help meet the needs of court users.

Funding for Court-Appointed Dependency Counsel: The council will consider options for adjusting the dependency counsel workload and funding methodology used for small courts. These courts often have additional costs not incurred by larger courts, such as attorneys travelling long distances from out of county and a lack of access to expert witnesses.

Judicial Branch Education: The council will consider a recommendation to approve the 2016–2018 Education Plan, which contains training, programs, and products for judicial officers and court staff. The plan would fulfill the education requirements and expectations outlined in rules 10.451-10.491 of the California Rules of Court.

Access and Fairness Advisory Committee Report: The council will get an update on the activities of its advisory committee charged with recommending ways to improve access and fairness in the court system, diversity in the judicial branch, and court services for self-represented parties. The committee also makes recommendations on education and training for judicial officers and court staff.

Updates From Council Liaison Visits to Local Courts: The council is scheduled to receive liaison reports on the superior courts in Amador and Nevada Counties (liaison reports are subject to change). These reports give council members information on a court’s operations and challenges, as well as its solutions to increase efficiency and effectiveness in how it provides access to justice for the public.

The June 23-24 meeting agenda and council reports have been posted online, and a link to the live videocast of the meeting will be on the California Courts website on the day of the meeting.