Founded in 1868 by a legislative act "to provide a law library to the Supreme Court," the California Judicial Center Library (CJCL) holds more than 200,000 volumes of federal and California legal resources, and handles more than 800 in-depth requests a year from justices, attorneys, and judicial assistants.

In addition to the California Supreme Court, the CJCL now serves the First District Court of Appeal, and the Judicial Council. 

The CJCL celebrated its 150th anniversary on December 18 with an open house ceremony at the library's location in the Ronald George State Building in San Francisco. Over the years, library staff has digitized some of the collections and removed multiple copies of materials, creating more space for study areas.

We want to bring the library into the 21st century because it's a place of service, and not just a storage facility.

—Donna Williams, Director of the California Judicial Center Library