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  • Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye in sworn in as 28th Chief Justice of California
  • Branch receives an additional $150 million budget cut
  • Open Courts Coalition is formed 
  • Public access to council expands 
  • Chief creates the Strategic Evaluation Committee to evaluate council staff


  • Council's Liaison Program is announced. Visits to courts begin immediately
  • Evaluation committee presents recommendations to restructure council staff
  • In State of the Judiciary, Chief Justice tallies baseline budget cuts since 2008 = $653 million
  • Chief Justice and Governor collaborate to evaluate how courts are funded


  • Council adopts new funding methodology basing allocation on workload
  • Chief introduces Access 3D; names group to develop a Language Access Plan


  • Access to many of the council's advisory committee meetings open to the public
  • Executive Branch official Martin Hoshino is appointed to direct council staff
  • Chief creates Commission on Future of California's Court System to increase efficiency, enhance fiscal stability


  • Language Access Plan is presented and approved by council
  • Chief Justice and council create rule to make challenging traffic fines more accessible for court users
  • Council begins webcasting public meetings


  • Committee named to focus on branch budget
  • Supreme Court begins webcasting oral arguments
  • Chief Justice issues statement expressing positive outlook following signage of the Budget Act of 2016-2017