Other items on the meeting agenda included:

Legislative Priorities for 2017: The council approved its legislative priorities for the upcoming year. Priorities include continued investment in the judicial branch, securing critically needed judgeships and addressing the equitable distribution of those judgeships, funding courthouse construction, disposing of surplus courthouse properties and using those proceeds to help fund court construction, creating efficiencies in court operations, and pursuing a three-branch solution to improve California’s fines, fees, penalties, and assessments structure. Watch

Trust Funds Held on Behalf of Trial Courts: The council approved a request by the Superior Court of Santa Barbara County to hold $732,981 on behalf of the court in the Trial Court Trust Fund so it can address delays in the implementation of its case management system. This money was previously reduced from the court’s funding for exceeding the one percent cap on its fund balance. Watch

Courthouse Construction Funding: The council approved a report for the Legislature that details the insolvency of Senate Bill 1407’s Immediate and Critical Needs Account that pays for the judicial branch’s courthouse construction program. The council also approved a report for submission to the state Department of Finance of funding requests for the next phase of these new courthouse projects should funding become available.