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The Judicial Council at its July 27-28 business meeting will consider proposed updates to part of the model used to determine how the state’s 58 trial courts are funded.

The council uses the Workload-Based Allocation and Funding Methodology (WAFM) to decide how much funding each trial court receives annually, based on the workload at each court. The council will consider a proposal to update the Resource Assessment Study model, which is used as part of WAFM to weigh both the number and type of cases handled when determining a court’s workload. A traffic infraction, for example, takes far fewer resources and staff than does a complex felony, and is given less weight in the calculation.

The council last updated the resource model in 2013, realizing that ongoing adjustments would continue to keep up with policy changes that affect work in the courts. Proposition 47, Assembly Bill 109, and Assembly Bill 1657 are all examples of recent initiatives and statutes that have altered court workload.